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1. This contest is open to all people 
2.Fill up this registration form and upload a photo in the most creative way. 
3. The top 5  picture with most likes will win a free merchandize item goodies bag from us. 
4. Submit only ONE photo per person.
5. Kindly share the photo in your own social media page 
6. Share to Facebook or Instagram. Participant MUST include the #isuzugbphotocontest in the caption. They MUST tag Isuzu by Goh Brothers at Facebook or Instagram.

          a. Facebook account at
          b. Instagram account at

13. Set post to public.
14. Winners will be contacted via the information given in the registration form.
15. Results will be announced after the contest period.
16. Judges decisions are final.


Terms and Conditions

1. This contest is open to everyone who "Like" ISUZU BY GOH BROTHERS  on Facebook. Prizes taken as provided and are neither transferrable nor exchangeable for cash. ISUZU BY GOH BROTHERS  reserved the right to substitute the prizes with things/services of similar value. 

2. Upon submission of your entry, you are deemed to have agreed that ISUZU BY GOH BROTHERS  can use, archive and distribute the data provided by you in a manner we deem fit, without reference to you. 

3. In the event that the eventual photo contest’s winner is not able to redeem the merchandise item, ISUZU BY GOH BROTHERS  reserves the right to replace the winner by the next eligible highest voted.

4. ISUZU BY GOH BROTHERS 's decision shall be final, should there be any dispute.

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