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Incorporating with Malaysian PDPA 2010, GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. is seeking our customers to grant and provide consensus to the Company in utilizing your personal information to retain, conduct, disclose, release and process for our activities such as direct marketing (i.e. promotions, events, invitations and etc.), after-sales (i.e. warranty, vehicle next service and etc.), parts and accessories sales and promotions, research and analysis, and other activities related to the Company’s products, services and activities.

PDPA is protecting your personal information and the Company requires your consensus in granting us your approval to use your personal information for the above mentioned.


The main and key purpose for GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. to collect your personal information includes

  • To share and introduce our products and services

  • To share and inform you our special offers, promotion, latest event and news of our products and services

  • To help the Company via survey and research to improve and enhance our products and services via the Company’s appointed service agencies

  • To help the Company to analyze our performance to our customers’ requirements and need via the Company’s appointed service agencies so that the Company is able to monitor and further improve our products and services to meet customers’ satisfaction.

  • To share your information to/with our manufacturer and/or insurance company, which will provide the necessary warranties and/or extended warranties (if any) of your vehicles.

  • To update our after sales service record and this records will be used by our  Service center to notify you on your next service appointments.

In the event you wish to limit your personal data from any of the above mentioned, please assist to notify to us in the written notice so that the necessary action can be taken.


In general, GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. collects and retain personal information includes and not limited to names, address, contact details, occupations, and other information that will assist us in providing our products and services.


During the collection of personal data, GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. is responsible to

  • Informing you on the purpose and usage of your personal information that the Company intending to

    • retain of you

    • the process of collecting, and

    • how the data is being protected by the Company. Reference the act, customers has the right to access and amend your personal information from time to time by giving written notice to the Company with verifying documents to verify your request.

  • Assure that your personal information details are accurate, complete and up-to-date when collecting them. You have the right to update your personal data from time to time by giving written notice to the Company with verifying documents to verify your request. We encourage you call GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. prior updating of information.

  • Collect personal information based on lawful and fair means by forms filled by you (whether on-line or handwritten), face to face contacts, name cards, interviews, or even third (3rd) party (i.e. agencies that the Company appointed to collect on behalf). From time to time, the Company may also collect non-personal information i.e. vehicle models and specifications, to help the Company to understand and enhance our effort to improve our product and services.


GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. may also disclose your personal information to

  • Our related companies

  • Our appointed Dealers and Service Centers

  • Manufacturers of the vehicles (Local or Oversea)

  • Insurance Companies

  • Credit Providers

  • Any other companies that the Company engage and/or appoints on our behalf to assist in our product and services, who are generally bound to protect your personal information altogether.

  • Law enforcement bodies such as police and other lawful acts require the Company to disclose your personal information.

  • Anyone else that you have authorized to disclose to

The Company may also collect the above information from the above parties and/or individuals, in which the Company will protect your personal information in accordance with this act. Unless otherwise required and permitted by law, the disclosure will be perform only with your prior consent (implied or express), and during the disclosure, the Company will ensure that the recipient agrees to protect your personal information prior disclosing.


The Company is giving you the option to “withdraw” your personal information from our database in the event you do not wish to continue receiving our latest news and updates of our products and services, by sending the Company a written notice and/or contact GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. on the necessary steps and assistance to withdraw your personal information. In the process of your withdrawal, we encourage you to state your reason for such withdrawal for the Company to understand and improve our products and services for our future customers.

Please note that in some cases where certain of your personal data may still retained with the Company in relating to the need to contact you for vehicle safety, recalls, warranty, and any requirements specified by law.


The Company and its authorized Dealers and Service Centre are committed to protect your personal information collected by us. Your personal data would not be sold to, distribute and/or used by any unauthorized companies and/or individuals without your prior consent.

The Company may use your personal information by our appointed third (3rd) party agencies for direct marketing purposes. In the event you do not wish for such information to be used by our third party agencies, by sending us a written notice and/or call GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. for the necessary steps and assistance. In your written notice, we encourage you to state your reason for not participating in our direct marketing activity for the Company to understand you better.


You have the right to access your information from time to time to correct inaccurate, misleading, incomplete data and not up-to-date data.

To access your information, you are requested to submit written notice to the Company or its authorized Dealers and Service Centre, including your identity card or driving license, vehicle registration number, account or any reference number as form of verification. In the written notice, you are encouraged to state the reason and areas that requires the necessary changes.


The Company will retain your personal data to the length of time to

  • Seven (7) years from the date you possess ownership and registration of your vehicle.

  • Five (5) years (or any longer time) from the date your warranty of any parts of the vehicle is activated, or from the date your extended warranty (if any) is activated.

  • Five (5) years from your last vehicles sent to our nearest authorized Dealers and Service center for service and repair works.

  • Two (2) years from the date you submit your information to our authorized Dealers and Service center in the interest of knowing more of the Company Products and Services.


The Company may send your personal information oversea to our principal company and manufacturers for warranty, research and analysis purposes. Prior sending, the Company will notify and seek consent from you and share with you the purpose of sending such information oversea. Upon receiving your consent, the Company will ensure that the recipient agrees to protect your personal data in accordance to the act prior sending.


GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. may change and/or update the policy from time to time and notification of changes will be posted in our website to ensure that latest information has been published to our customers. You are encouraged to visit our website periodically for any changes and/or updates. Notification may also be cascaded via any other form of corresponding tools and/or materials to our customers and potential customers.


The Company welcomes your queries and comment about us handling your personal information and/or details. Please let us know by contacting GB Motors Sdn. Bhd. at

Tel: +605-847 2188 Fax: +605-847 2186

Your queries and comment will be channel to the correct parties for the necessary reply.