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Single Cabin Special December Offer. As low as RM 30*/day!


Built for versatility and value for your business.

Own an Isuzu D-Max 1.9L 4x4 Single Cabin. Start from RM30*/day.


Our Achievement, Your Satisfaction

The achievement from the Blue Power Dura Challenge is astounding. It demonstrates that the 1.9L Isuzu D-Max has what it takes to get any job done, however demanding - bringing satisfaction to those who value durability, reliability and fuel efficiency, the core strengths in all Isuzu vehicles.


Isuzu made headlines by achieving the unthinkable at the recent Blue Power Dura Challenge. The objective was to bloster confidence in the performance of the 1.9L Isuzu D-Max. This is done by pitting a standard showroom Isuzu D-Max single cab, fitted with the new 1.9-L engine, the smallest displacement in the market, against a gigantic task of completing 1,000 km, conquering 1,000 metres in elevation and carrying 1,000 kg of cargo - all by consuming less than 1 tank of fuel.

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